Turkish Stars

The Turkish Stars, each one of whom are a legend and a source of pride for our country, amaze everyone with their fantastic air shows performed in the skies of the festival. They make visitors experience moments full of excitement.


The new generation basic training aircraft Hurkus, designed and produced by Turkish Aviation and Space Industry (TUSAŞ), has successfully exceeded a thousand flight hours. Hurkus is also appreciated for its show at TEKNOFEST.


GÖKBEY which is the first General Purpose Helicopter developed and produced with domestic facilities is at TEKNOFEST 2023 with its public demonstration flight!


Aksungur Unmanned Aerial Vehicle developed with national and domestic resources by Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. performs public air show at TEKNOFEST.


Bayraktar TB2 Tactical Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle developed and manufactured by Baykar is at TEKNOFEST 2023 with its public flight demonstration!


Special teams affiliated to our Gendarmerie, which is at the service of our people 24/7, hot cold, rain and mud, are breath-taking with their magnificent shows.


AKINCI which is the pride of Turkey, technological strength of our armed forces and the new ruler of the sky is at TEKNOFEST. AKINCI which is produced by a national technology spreads its wings to the future, Turkey is rising into the sky.


Having been developed with domestic means and capabilities, ATAK, the helicopter of tough missions, moves the skies of TEKNOFEST with its high manoeuvrability and performance day and night. Hundreds of thousands applauded ATAK helicopter, attracting great attention within TEKNOFEST, loudly.


Are you ready for a spectacular show in the sky? Because SOLO TURK planes are taking off. Modern and high performance owned by the Turkish Air Force The SOLO TURK pilots, who are exposed to very high "G" forces during the demonstration movements that are very difficult to do with the F-16 aircraft, give unforgettable moments to hundreds of thousand


New generation of high performance Anka Unmanned Aerial Vehicle developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. in line with the needs of Turkish Armed Forces performs at TEKNOFEST.

Fursan Al-Emarat

Aerial aerobatic group Fursan Al-Emarat from the United Arab Emirates is in the skies of TEKNOFEST Istanbul with a public flight show!