With the “Stage is Yours” event, young people have the opportunity to show their talents to the whole world while giving participants and visitors a pleasant time.


Everyone from 7 to 70 who is a sky lover is meeting at TEKNOFEST! Our children, who will sign the National Technology Initiative, are having their first flight experience with the Pedal Flight Event.

Machine Memories: Space Exhibition by Refik Anadol

Machine Memories: Space Exhibition Refik Anadol, which reveals the place of astronomical research in human history and sheds light on large datasets related to space, meets us at TEKNOFEST.

Virtual Reality Tunnel

How about looking at Türkiye and the World from space with the Virtual Reality Tunnel! We invite you to experience the pleasure of traveling in space with virtual reality glasses at TEKNOFEST!


A unique journey awaits you under a dome, from the human body, which is literally a visual feast, to the depths of space.

First Flght Event With Students

At TEKNOFEST, students accumulate unforgettable memories while experiencing their first flight.

Space Themed Inflatable Kids Park

At TEKNOFEST, children will enjoy having fun in the Space Themed Inflatable Kids Park!

Vertical Wind Tunnel

During TEKNOFEST, the wind of excitement blows and the feet are lifted off the ground. The most popular event of TEKNOFEST, the vertical wind tunnel, continues to provide visitors with an exciting and action-packed experience.


Interesting airplanes designed and produced with a passion for flying are at the Aircraft Exhibition. Our national pride is our planes and legendary planes from the world are at TEKNOFEST 2023.