The most comprehensive technology competitions in the history of Turkey are held within the scope of TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival.Technology competitions which all consist of the focus areas of the future host entrepreneurs of tomorrow,  producers of the next day from today in line with the ideal of the National Technology Move and play an active role in the production of local, national and original technologies in Turkey. 

In technology competitions where both quantity and quality increase exponentially every year, evaluation processes are carried out by the Advisory and Evaluation Board which consists of academicians, engineers and researchers who are experts in their fields.

In order to carry out a fair and transparent evaluation process, the competitors can object to the scoring results if they meet the relevant criteria and they can appeal the objection result again.

With the Competition Objection Boards created for each competition and the High Objection Board where the second objections to the objection processes in all competitions are evaluated, the aim is to finalize the demands of our competitors who could not successfully complete the reporting processes in our technology competitions and to contribute to the works of our competitors with the given feedbacks.

With the Competition Objection Boards, competitors who fall below the threshold score according to the requirements in the evaluation criteria can apply to object to the result by making the necessary explanations. The petition you have prepared with your objection grounds [email protected] you can apply by emailing the address. Competition Objection Board consists of different academicians, engineers and researchers who have not evaluated the contested report before.

The High Objection Board is the board where teams that fell below the threshold score in the Competition Objection Board’s evaluation can make appeal application against the result. The Board consists of experts from Turkish Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology which are the executive institutions of TEKNOFEST, as well as engineers, academics and researchers who are experts in their fields and take part in the Competition Advisory and Evaluation Board.

For detailed information on the objection processes in the competitions, TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions Objection Regulation prepared by TEKNOFEST Competitions Committee can be examined.