About the Competition

Deneyap Kart Competition,
which will be held for the first time this year within the scope of TEKNOFEST, will be held in the robolig format. With this competition, it is aimed to expand the project portfolio of Deneyap Kart, which was implemented locally and nationally, and to meet with high technology enthusiasts with project productivity.

In this way, it is aimed to contribute to the National Technology Initiative on this path that we set out with the target of a "Technology Developing Türkiye".

For this purpose, the Deneyap Kart Robolig Competition will be organized for primary, secondary, high school and university and above levels.

All primary school, secondary school, high school, university and above students (including undergraduate, associate degree, postgraduate, doctorate and open education) studying in Turkey participate in the competition.

Apart from the information given in the specification, for other questions you want to ask about the competition, you must be a member of the relevant mail group from the DENEYAP KART ROBOLIG COMPETITION link. The questions you will ask and the answers to these questions will be open for other members of the mailing group to see.


TEKNOFEST Deneyap Kart Robolig Competition | Competition Calendar

Date Explanation
July 12, 2023 - August 10, 2023 Pre-Application
August 10 - 12, 2023 Evaluation of Applications
August 13, 2023 First Stage: E-exam
August 18, 2023 Announcement of the teams moving to the second stage
August 30 - September 3, 2023 TEKNOFEST Ankara

Primary-Secondary School Level Awards

Degree Award
First Team 30.000 TRY
Second Team 20.000 TRY
Third Team 10.000 TRY

High School Level Awards

Degree Award
First Team 40.000 TRY
Second Team 30.000 TRY
Third Team 20.000 TRY

University and Above Level Awards

Degree Award
First Team 50.000 TRY
Second Team 40.000 TRY
Third Team 30.000 TRY

    Deneyap Card RoboLeague Competition 2023 Rankings

    Degree Team Name
    1. (Primary School-Middle School Level) ROBOKOD
    2. (Primary School-Middle School Level) KISA DEVRE
    3. (Primary-Middle School Level) Dia Team
    1. (High School Level) Dene-Değil-Yap
    2. (High School Level) SPEKTRUM Team
    3. (High School Level) DK_ZAĞANOS
    1. (University and Above Level) TAUV Remastered
    2. (University and Above Level) Kristalsizler
    3. (University and Above Level) KTÜ UZAY

1. Who can apply?

Students at primary-secondary school, high school, university and above level in Türkiye and abroad can participate in the competition.

Projects will be evaluated over three different level; primary-secondary school, high school, university and above.

2. Is participation in the competition paid?

Participation in the competition is free.

3. Do we need to bring materials to participate in the competition?

Materials will be provided by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation for the Deneyap Kart Robolig Competition. Bringing and removing materials from outside will not be allowed.

4. When, where and how will the competition be held?

Deneyap Kart Robolig Competition will be held at TEKNOFEST Ankara on August 30 – September 3, 2023.

5. How many stages will the competition consist of?

The competition consists of 2 stages. In Stage 1, competitors will take the e-exam. Teams that are successful at their level will be invited to TEKNOFEST. In the 2nd stage, primary-secondary school level teams will prepare projects. High school and university level will try to fulfill the determined field task.

6. When will Stage 1 results be announced?

1st Stage results will be announced on the date specified in the competition calendar. Teams that pass the 1st stage will be informed via the "My Applications" tab in their KYS accounts and e-mail.

7. I'm having trouble applying, what should I do?

Competitors can submit their problems via iletişim@deneyapkart.org mail address.

8. How will I know the results of the competition?

The results of the competition will be announced on the 4th day of TEKNOFEST Ankara. The results will also be announced in print and visual media.

9. Will the list of materials be shared, which materials will be given to the competitors?

The list of materials will be shared with the teams invited to the competition as a result of the 1st stage e-exam. It will not be allowed to bring material from outside. Consumables along with electronic materials will be given to the finalist teams in the field.

10. Will transportation and accommodation be covered?

Transportation and accommodation support will be provided to the members on the team member list (including the advisor at the Primary-Secondary School and High School level). Transportation and accommodation needs of University level team advisors will not be covered.

11. At what level will students who have graduated from Primary, Secondary and High School apply?

Primary and Secondary School students are evaluated at the same level. Competitors who have graduated from secondary or high school must apply at the level of education they graduated from. Secondary school graduate students are required to apply at the Primary-Secondary School level, and high school graduate students must apply at the High School level.

12. If an application is made to any of TEKNOFEST's competitions, is it also possible to apply to the Deneyap Kart Robolig Competition?

There are no barriers to applying.

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