Teknofest 2021 Technology Competitions Applications Have Started!

Teknofest 2021 Technology Competitions Applications Have Started!

TEKNOFEST 2021 Technology Competitions Applications Have Started!

You can get detail information about competitions from here: TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions

The competition to be held within the scope of TEKNOFEST 2021 are as follows;

For Primary and Middle School Students;

•    Technology For Humanıty Competition
•    Educatıon Technologıes Competition
•    Smart Transportatıon Competition
•    World Drone Cup
•    Hack İstanbul
•    Robotıcs Competition

For High School Students;

•    Smart Transportatıon Competition
•    Bıotechnology Innovatıon Competition
•    Envıronment And Energy Technologıes Competition
•    Dıgıtal Technologıes Competıtıon In Industry 
•    Educatıon Technologıes Competition
•    Hack İstanbul 
•    Technology For Humanıty Competition
•    Unmanned Underwater Systems Competition
•    Culture And Tourısm Technologıes Competition
•    Robotaxı-Full Scale Autonomous Vehıcle Competition
•    Robotıcs  Competitions
•    Rocket  Competition
•    Agrıcultural Technologıes Competition
•    Turkısh Natural Language Processıng Competition
•    Flyıng Car Desıgn Competition
•    World Drone Cup
•    Artıfıcıal Intellıgence Competition
•    Fıghtıng Unmanned Aerıal Vehıcle Competition
•    Agrıcultural Unmanned Land Vehıcle Competition
•    Mıxed Swarm Sımulatıon Competition

For Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate;

•    Smart Transportation Competition
•    Biotechnology Innovation Competition
•    Environment and Energy Technologies Competition
•    Digital Technologies in Industry
•    Effıcıency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races
•    Educational Technologies Competition
•    Hack Istanbul
•    Helicopter Design Competition
•    Communication Technologies Competition
•    Technology For Humanıty
•    International Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition
•    Unmanned Underwater Systems Competition
•    Jet Engine Design Competition
•    Mixed Herd Simulation Competition
•    Culture and Tourism Technologies Competition
•    Model Satellite Competition
•    Robotaxı-Full Scale Autonomous Vehıcle Competition
•    Robotics Competitions
•    Rocket Competition
•    Fighting UAV Competition
•    UAV Swarm Competition
•    Agricultural Technologies Competition
•    Agrıcultural Unmanned Land Vehıcle Competition
•    Travel Hackathon
•    Turkish Natural Language Processing Competition
•    Flying Car Design Competition
•    World Drone Cup
•    Artificial Intelligence Competition

The DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION to gain the right to compete in TEKNOFEST 2021 Istanbul is 28 FEBRUARY!