Applications for TÜBA - TEKNOFEST Doctoral Science Awards Have Started!

As TÜBA, we are going to award TÜBA – TEKNOFEST Doctorate Science Prizes in the foremost competition categories of TEKNOFEST, the world’s biggest aerospace and technology festival, of which we have been one of the stakeholders since 2019. Prizes will be awarded to doctoral theses written in Turkey in the categories below;

1- Technology and Design (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems, Robotic and Mechatronic Systems, Modelling and Simulation Technologies, Energy, Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies, Technologies based on Aircrafts, Spacecrafts, and Unmanned Underwater Systems),

2- Information and Communication Technologies (Including Cyber Security and Cryptology),

3- Education, Health, Agriculture and Ecology Technologies and Biotechnology, and also

4- The National Technology Initiative’s subjects in such fields as International Relations, Development Policies, Educational Approaches, Security Policies and Social Sciences.

The authors of YÖK doctoral theses, which includes the relevant topics on thematic program for TEKNOFEST categories and are announced every year by TÜBA, can apply for this contest individually. Applications are made digitally. Additionally, applications can be made by the candidates themselves, as well as the suggestions by TÜBA members, TÜBİTAK, TÜSEB and University Rectorates.

Applications should be made by the authors of doctoral theses written in Turkey on the original thematic subjects defined above and written from 2019 to 2021.


First: 30,000 TRY

Second: 20,000 TRY

Third: 10,000 TRY


Candidates should include application form, motivation letter, resumes in Turkish, national and international scientific activities, exact copy of their theses, YÖKSİS registration information, list of publications referring to thesis, purpose of thesis, research ethics committee approval, method of thesis, stakeholders of thesis, information about institute where thesis is written (documentation proving thesis is studied and executed in Turkey) in their application.

Click Here for Detailed Information and Making an Application.

Application Deadline: 4 March!