TEKNOFEST 2022 Applications for Robotics Competition Have Started!

TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aerospace festival, excitement begins anew to make you feel over the moon.

The Robotics Competition is held within the TEKNOFEST technology competitions.

The competition aims to improve the quality of vocational education and technical training in Turkey, raise the awareness in this field throughout the society, and help middle school, high school and university students become entrepreneurial-minded and competitive individuals who can transform the knowledge they attain during their education into skills to develop products and think in scientific terms. 

- Industrial Robotic Arm
- Line Follower (Advanced)
- Fast Line Follower
- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Mini Drone)
- Mini Sumo
- Independent
- Design-Run
- Themed
- Egg Collecting (Caretta Caretta)
- Maze Master
- Line Follower (Basic Level)
- Tozkoparan (Basic Level)
Eligible Levels of Education for the Competition
- Middle School Students
- High School Students
- Students in Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Programs

For Detailed Information and Application CLICK HERE!