We believe that it is inevitable for Turkey to realize the National Technology Initiative in order to be able to more loudly voice the theses it defends for a fairer world, to strengthen its economy and to be independent in every field.

As T3 Startup Center and TEKNOFEST, we aim to transform technology-oriented entrepreneurs with scalable business ideas into commercial activities in a sustainable model and a short time.

T3 Startup Center organizes a special TEKNOFEST Startup Program within the scope of TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival, for the finalist team or team members who participated in the competitions organized within the framework of TEKNOFEST since 2018.

Two different support programs have been prepared within this framework: a 100,000 Turkish lira grant-supported Pre-Incubation Support Program for teams with a desired business idea and a desire to maturate their ideas through the support they receive and turn them into a startup; and a 200,000 Turkish lira grant-supported Acceleration Support Program for teams that have already established companies through the projects they have developed. 

Program Application Deadline: April 4, 2022, 23:59 (Applications have been completed.)

1- Pre-Incubation Support Program

It aims to encourage entrepreneurship to the team or team members who make it to the finals in TEKNOFEST competitions, and to establish startups that can transform their TEKNOFEST project or different projects into internationally competitive, innovation-oriented, high-tech, commercially-valued, marketable products or services.

2- Acceleration Support Program

It is aimed to ensure that the team or team members who made it to the finals in TEKNOFEST competitions and work on their own project or a different project after the competitions, establish a company and carry out R&D studies or advance their projects whose commercial products and services launched on the market.